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  • Kids Copia Preschool & After-School is an eco-friendly premium child development center located in south San Jose. You can find Kids Copia Preschool or After-School on the safe, secure and spacious Erikson campus on Pearl Ave on spacious campus surrounded by greenery and lot of play space.

    Kids Copia offers INFANT, PRESCHOOL, PRE-K, KG and AFTER-SCHOOL programs. 7:30 AM to 6:00 PM, Mon-Fri.  

    Questions? Call Kids Copia Preschool at 408-269-2834 or send email to
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  • Kids Copia Home Infant
  • INFANT - Loving care at Kids Copia Preschool for your precious bundle...
  • Kids Copia Home Preschool
  • Kids Copia Home Afterschool
  • Pick-up Available
  • Home-work Center
  • Math, Reading, Raz Kids
  • Kids Copia Home Sun
  • Kids Copia Preschool and After-School SUMMER CAMP 2014
  • Jun 9 to Aug 8, 2014
  • 9 weeks of Activities with focus on STEM, Field-trips, hands-on projects and loads of FUN!!!